The quality of Vegetables can have various meanings depending on the point of view of:

  • The Producer
  • The Trader
  • The Consumer

The producer demands high yields, uniformity in shape, colour and size, as well as easy vining. The trade demands good shelf life, good attractive colour, freshness and texture, as well as uniform sieve size.

The consumer demands healthy food and a good value for their money.

The processing industry pays special attention to mechanical harvest and automated processing.

The legislator understands quality as the observance of given norms.

Most criteria for the classification of quality are based on the following principles:

  • The Market Value or the appearance is outlined in the EG or industry norms.
  • The physiological Value relevant to nutrition covers the food value, the nourishment and the wholesomeness.
  • The intrinsic value accounts for suitability of specific usage and growers purposes.

Additionally, there is the "imaginary Value" which accounts for non-measurable quality