The Development of New Vegetable Varieties

Our location for the development of pea varieties is Moses Lake and Warden in the state of Washington, USA as well as Münster and Drohndorf in Germany. The Columbia Basin is an arid area with the most modern irrigation equipment. Its climate and phytosanitary conditions offer the best environment for the development of new pea and bean varieties and the production of high quality seed. In Germany, we develop varieties that are adapted to European growing areas.

Our breeding facilities in Moses Lake are directed by Dr. John Wamatu. Dr. Richard Lowe is director of the breeding station in Warden and Dipl. Ing. Irina Weil is responsible for our breeding station in Münster and Drohndorf. Irina also coordinates as product manager for the breeding of new varieties at the four facilities.

Extensive trial areas in Europe and the USA offer the possibility to test new varieties for their potential to adapt to the various regions. Visitors are cordially invited to inspect our trial fields in the US and various other European countries.

Our seed processing stations are operated in Moses Lake, Quincy, Tekoa und Warden, Washington, USA. Breeding lines, basic seed and elite seed are produced on over 150 acres each year, in addition to the thousands of acres which are contracted for seed production. In Germany we produce pea seed in the states of Sachsen Anhalt and Rheinhessen. Other pea production is contracted in Hungary, France, Italy and New Zealand, as well as in Idaho, USA, Tanzania, Burkina Faso and Chile for bean seed.