Guide lines for cultivation

The commercial cultivation of peas for freezing and canning is different from the cultivation of other species in two distinct ways: 1.) Its overall short cultivation period of only 3-4 months and 2.) The very short time frame in which the vining of peas at tenderometer values between 100 and 120 is possible.

Varieties of concentrated maturity and high quality may have tenderometer readings which will rise quickly and AIS-value will deteriorate accordingly.

As a general rule the time frame for harvesting green peas will be one day only!

The maturity of peas is dependent on the run temperatures and correlates with the heat units reached. They influence the growth and maturity (i.e. the tenderometer reading) at the time of the scheduled harvest.

The time variety takes to mature is stipulated by heat units (HU;°C) and days of development. The number of nodes to the first flower is given as supplemental-information.