Explanation of Terms used and Data for leguminous plants

Technical Data

All technical data given in our variety lists and brochures are mean data, which mainly relate to normal cultivation and growing conditions in Central Europe. In other climatic areas and under other growing conditions,  deviations may occur. Therefore, this data should be used for orientation purposes only and adjustments for local conditions must be made on a case-by-case basis. The relations remain, as a rule, unchanged.
Any recommendations for the use of our products, or other material or apparatus in connection herewith, are based on our professional experience and evaluation of the comprehensive trials. However, we give no warranty in regard to the results and characteristics to be attained.

The data given as 1000 seed weight have been compiled from several years of harvest. Depending on the area where the seed was grown and the weather pattern in that area the 1000 seed weight will naturally vary. Several laboratory tests will result in exact quality norms for each seed lot (purity, germination, 1000 seed weight etc.) Results will be available upon customers' request.

The recommended seed rates in units of 100.000 seeds or kg/ha are based on data which are optimal for Central Europe. Because of the different reaction of the varieties under varying conditions in regard to the location we had to abandon the mathematical calculation of sowing quantities. We would ask that you adjust the recommended quantities to fit the local conditions.

Our agricultural consultants would be pleased to assist you in finding the optimal sowing rates for your growing area.


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